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Peace, peace be still

“Those persons who know the deep peace of God, the unfathomable peace that passeth all understanding, are always men and women of much prayer.”~ R. A. Torrey

Yesterday we met with one of the NICU doctors for a consultation. Thank you to everyone who lifted us up in prayer! The meeting went well and wasn’t nearly as scary as we thought it would be. We felt peace and comfort, so again, thank you to all of you who prayed for that for us!

The doctor suggested we meet with a perinatologist at the hospital and get a more high-tech ultrasound. This will show us and the doctors more clearly the extent of the abnormalities we’re dealing with. We did meet with a perinatologist months ago, when I was about 13-14 weeks pregnant. If you’ve been following the blog, that was the guy with no bedside manner who blurted out “You’re baby will die one of these ways…” The NICU doctor suggested it would be helpful for us to meet again with a specialist as the baby’s development has changed quite a bit since August. No appointment has been scheduled yet, but please add that to your prayer list. How amazing would it be to go back in for another “fancy pants” ultrasound and see miraculous healing!? Of course that is our main prayer, but let’s not forget to continue to pray for peace and comfort for Timmy and I in the case that we don’t see healing and the possibility of seeing more abnormalities than we originally thought.

She also told us to start considering our wishes and options regarding the baby’s breathing and feeding. We need to decide how we want to proceed in the event that the baby is not breathing or is having difficulty breathing as well as if she is eating or not.

We also talked about surgical options, transfer to Children’s Hospital, NICU options, comfort care, and expected delivery time (it is typical for these babies to be born somewhat early). The “fancy pants” ultrasound will give us all a better idea of what to expect and how to proceed.

We spent the rest of our afternoon relaxing at home together, which was so nice and very much needed. We both got to take naps, which never happens. We had an afternoon where we were able to just breathe.


Last night, we got our things together for the “Thanksgiving” potluck at Life Group. Little did we know we were walking into a surprise “shower” of sorts. I had mentioned to my girlfriends at church that I didn’t want to have a typical baby shower. With the way things have progressed with the baby and the expected outcome, I think it would be very difficult to open up a bunch of cute baby gifts, all the while in the back of my head wondering if my child will ever get to use any of them.

Well, our friends put together the perfect event for us! We walked into church and there were probably 40+ people waiting for us saying “Surprise!” We got to enjoy a potluck dinner and wonderful fellowship with our church family. It was a beautiful time to celebrate the life growing and how God is already using her for His glory. They presented us with an apple tree for our yard at home and some beautiful wall art as well as a very generous donation to help with my maternity leave.

I can’t imagine going through this journey without our church family. They have been excellent examples of Galations 6:2, “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you fulfill the law of Christ.” They have helped us carry this heavy load. They have lifted us up daily in prayer and encouraged us to be positive, to trust in the amazing power of God and His will for us and this baby. They have prayed over us. They have cried with us and laughed with us. I am in awe of how much they have taken on, how our prayer and our pain has become theirs’ as well. Timmy said last night “Our people are amazing” and it is so true! We are so thankful to be wrapped in their arms. If you don’t have a support group like this, I highly suggest you pray for God to lead you to one. The arms of our church family are long and flexible, so you are always welcome to join us. We all know, sooner or later, life gets tough and while people may not be able to “fix” the problem, they most certainly can help you keep on keepin’ on.


Our wonderful hostesses: Valerie, Diane, Kim, (Timmy and Me), Kelly, Christi, and Megan

Our apple tree! My goal is to not kill it.

Our beautiful wall art. The one on the left is from Brianna and the one on the right is from Megan (each button represents a family that attended our “shower”).

4 thoughts on “Peace, peace be still

  1. Sooooo awesome. My mom told me about this today. So you were the blessing I shared in our church’s ingathering tonight. The blessings you experience and your faith has been a blessing to me. Knowing that Christian’s like those in your church, and ours, is what keeps me believing that this world will be ok, and it will be an ok world for our children to grow up in, as long as we keep the Lord.

  2. We pray for you guys and I’m the one who gets the blessings from your writings. May god continue to bless your family, and answer all our prayers, but in all things His will be done.

  3. I’m not too crazy about my baby being so far away but I’m thankful to God that He has provided this wonderful support group for you and Timmy. I’m there with you in thought and I know you can tell I have my arms around you too.

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