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Keeping Us on Our Toes

When I think about the second doctor appointment, it is accompanied with a little bit of anxiety and the fight to keep God’s promises at the forefront of my mind. Leading up to the appointment is the mantra “Everything is going to be okay. Everything is going to be okay. Everything is going to be okay.” This is because it was at my second doctor appointment, at 12 weeks, that we got the news that Pippy had some problems. I think this is probably a common mantra for pregnant moms everywhere, regardless if they’ve had healthy or scary pregnancies. At the second appointment you still can’t feel baby move, you’re not really showing yet, and if you’re lucky, you’re starting to feel back to normal, which is a good thing, but nausea can also be a happy reminder that everything is still going well.

A couple days ago we had our second doctor appointment at 10 weeks, 2 days. This is earlier than usual because otherwise my appointment would have fallen during Thanksgiving break. I woke up feeling good! I had a dream about my perfect baby boy (still dreaming it’s a boy) the night before and felt confident that everything would be okay.

We got to our appointment on time, but still waited 30 minutes to be seen. By that time by bladder was screaming for relief. Our wonderful ultrasound tech, Leeann, called us back to her dimly lit room and I got comfy on the gurney. Within seconds we could see our baby on the screen. We heard the strong heartbeat and thanked God! I told Timmy, who had missed this particular appointment with Pippy, that at this point she was jumping all over the place. This baby was sleeping. We did see a few little twitches and kicks, which was neat.

Leeann started her measurements. Baby is measuring right on track. She said things are looking good. Then she said the nuchal translucency looks slightly thickened. We asked what that meant and she said it’s a spot behind the neck. She said she wanted to do an internal ultrasound to try to get a better look. Timmy again said, “I don’t really follow. What does that mean?” Leeann hesitantly told us, “It could be an indicator of Trisomy or Downs.”

And my heart sank. The tears started coming and all I could think was, “I can’t do this again. Please God! I can’t do this again!”

Leeann could see my worry and she told me, “I’m probably making something out of nothing. Don’t worry. I just want to get a closer look. I just want to be extra sure. It’s probably nothing. It’s still very early. Don’t worry.” I just nodded as the tears came. She even told me about a friend of hers whose baby had a slightly thickened NT and everything turned out to be perfectly fine.

Thank God Tim was there to hear all this because the only thing resonating in my head was “Trisomy.” She did the second ultrasound, but I’m not sure she got a much better look. The little stinker wouldn’t flip over for her to be able to see what she needed to see.

Leeann tried very hard to encourage me that everything will most likely be fine. We met with my doctor and she suggested we do some blood work (the Harmony test, the same test that diagnosed Pippy with Trisomy 13). My doctor also said she is being overly cautious given our history. She said the “overwhelming majority” of the time, this turns out to be nothing. She said Leeann is one of the best ultrasonographers. She sees things other techs would miss and Leeann is saying everything else looks good. They specifically said the baby’s palate looks good, which would be one place they would check for other problems that may confirm a chromosomal abnormality.

So really, things are looking good. There is most likely nothing to worry about. Even so, for the next two weeks I’m sure I’ll be fighting the worry monster. Each day that passes, I feel more and more confident that everything will be okay and I believe more and more that this is just precautionary.

We will meet with my doctor again, for another ultrasound, in two weeks. We should also have the test results in two weeks. Please pray that this test comes back negative, that there are no problems in this little baby’s body, and that this is just God giving us the “hard evidence” that everything is perfect.

We will also get to find out from the blood work if this baby is a boy or a girl. So in two weeks, at just 12 weeks gestation, we will know if this is baby Liam or baby Clover. Isn’t that amazing!? I am just speechless at the awesome advancements God has allowed us to have in modern medicine. Just look at the picture below! At only 10 weeks gestation we can see our baby’s profile! Just 10 weeks ago, this baby didn’t exist and now it has a face, a beating heart, a brain, sex organs and everything else that makes us human. This baby has a soul. Incredible.

Please join us in prayer over this little baby. We know God’s plan for this little life is already written. We know this baby has a purpose. And we believe, in just 30 weeks, this baby will come into this world healthy and ready to live a long and beautiful life.


5 thoughts on “Keeping Us on Our Toes

  1. You know that we are praying, I will have you on my mind and on in my heart for the next two weeks, ( well really more than that, but more so now) ahh, you get the drift. 🙂

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