Pippy's Journey

Happy Pippy Day

A picture is worth a thousand words.Click the link below to see Pippy's slideshow. Turn up the volume and enjoy. Oh and have tissues available.http://feather-nest.com/flaunt/?/set/798b/legan-epiphany/

Pippy's Journey


This week I find myself doing a lot of preparing. Monday we had our fetal anatomy scan. Basically this means they spend extra time measuring and looking at all the different parts of the developing baby. They measure baby's size (crown to rump length), head circumference, and around the belly. They take closer looks at… Continue reading Preparing…

Liam's Adventures

Back in Action! And I Brought Lists!

I know...I kinda disappeared from the blogging world for longer than I should have after my last post. For those of you who don't see my Facebook posts, everything came back clear and wonderful! Baby Legan's blood work showed a very low probability for any defects and development is going wonderfully. In fact, my doctor… Continue reading Back in Action! And I Brought Lists!