Pippy's Journey


This week I find myself doing a lot of preparing. Monday we had our fetal anatomy scan. Basically this means they spend extra time measuring and looking at all the different parts of the developing baby. They measure baby’s size (crown to rump length), head circumference, and around the belly. They take closer looks at all the vitals organs (heart, brain, kidneys, bladder, stomach, spine, and sex organs). And if you’re lucky, you get a 4D ultrasound picture. Thankfully, Liam’s measurements are right on track. He is developing perfectly, as expected with any healthy pregnancy. And yes, we were lucky enough to get the 4D ultrasound picture.

ImageOnce again, we are so grateful that God is allowing our baby boy to continue with healthy growth. That brings me to the “preparing” thing I mentioned earlier. I’ve taken advantage of the our two very rare “snow” days this last week by preparing. I spent time organizing and cleaning out the kitchen. I managed to move a bookshelf out of the nursery and into the sitting room. My mom and Tim both got onto me about that one (“Are you supposed to be doing that? Was that really a good idea?”). My brain is thinking of all the fun, exciting, stressful, and completely foreign things to do in order to prepare for Liam’s arrival. Today I met with our daycare and started making arrangements with that. I still need to get in touch with a pediatrician, schedule a time to tour the hospital, register at the hospital, and get the last few pieces of furniture in and out of the nursery.

But at the same time, I’m preparing for something else, something much different.

Tomorrow is Pippy’s first birthday. I’ve been “preparing” for this all month. Tomorrow is both exciting and frightening. I really have no idea how I’ll feel when I wake up. I think Tim and I are both looking at tomorrow as a day of celebration and not sadness. Our plan is to spend the day relaxing instead of worrying, celebrating instead of wondering, and thanking God for the sweet gift of that little girl. We’ve both taken the day off work. I’m hoping to avoid my phone, Facebook, email, etc. and truly relax. In fact, I may leave my phone at home all day.

Tomorrow we will also debut Pippy’s slideshow. Until now we have kept this quite private because it is so personal. Tomorrow we will share her life in pictures with all of you. I hope you will come back and take a few minutes out of your day to celebrate Pippy and thank God for her short but perfect life.

*Warning* Bring Kleenex.


2 thoughts on “Preparing…

  1. Celebrate her short life with much happiness tomorrow I will think of you all 4 of you and smile often….love you

  2. I didn’t need the warning about the Kleenex, when I see your posts I know I’ll need Kleenex, whether it from sadness or joy, But I always look forward to the next message to share in your hurt or happiness.

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