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Getting Close…Time For an Update

It has been a looong time since I updated and I apologize. Hopefully, everyone assumed no news is good news because that’s exactly right. Things have been progressing just as they should be and the pregnancy front have been pretty boring…that is, if you’re not the pregnant one.

Today’s stats:

  • 35 weeks, 3 days pregnant
  • 24 days until scheduled C-section on June 5
  • 18 days until maternity leave starts
  • 17 days until mom gets here

Over the last several months, I’ve gotten to experience some fun things with Liam that I didn’t get to experience with Pippy like:

  • Baby hiccups, which he gets quite frequently.
  • Playing music to my belly. Timmy has even made some lullabies on his new Roland Octapad (drummer stuff).
  • Baby showers…with cake and everything!
  • New and interesting, although unpleasant, pains.
  • A glucose test, which came back negative. Bring on the ice cream!
  • Ankle swelling, which thankfully subsides at night with my feet up.
  • A whole new level to the “alien roll.” I got to feel this with Pippy a few times, but I realized it’s much different with an average size baby. (He already outweighs Pippy’s birth weight by well over a pound.)
  • Baby escape tactics. I swear he’s trying to push through my skin sometimes.
  • Nesting! I woke up at 5:30am and completely rearranged the entire nursery.
  • Decorating the nursery. This is finally done and it’s my favorite room in the house now.
  • Anticipation in a whole new way. Joyful anticipations include: hearing him cry for the first time (my heart already swells just imaging this), looking into his eyes, snuggling that little baby booty, bonding through feeding, watching Timmy interact with him, and bringing him home, just to name a few. Fearful anticipations include: Breastfeeding, sleeping, bathing, crying, germs, daycare and about a million what if’s. All of these things we plan to play by ear and see how it goes. Thank God for our mothers!

So rather than try to fill the space with a bunch of not-that-interesting or too-much-information stories, here are some pictures instead.

Liam’s Baby Shower


Spoiled baby! So blessed!
Our delicious cake!
One of my favorites. It goes something like this:
Me: “Oh! Crib sheets! Thank you! Look Timmy, show everyone.”
Timmy thinking to himself: “I have no idea what this is. I just do what I’m told.”


Timmy’s wonderful speech in which he and everyone else cried.
The nursery changing station. I think this is my favorite wall in the room.
Nursery reading/relaxation corner.
Nursery sleepy place and toy box.
Today’s belly shot. Wow.

One thought on “Getting Close…Time For an Update

  1. So excited!!!!!!! I can’t wait to get there and hold that baby. Yes, I know I have share, but that’s okay. Everybody else can form a line or maybe take numbers?

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