Pippy's Journey

Pippy’s 2nd Birthaversary

Birthaversary? Yep, it’s the second anniversary of Pippy’s birth. I’ve gone back and forth about how to refer to this day. I like birth day, but not birthday because I don’t want it to be confused as a typo. So to avoid all that nonsense, I’m going with birthaversary, which should just thoroughly annoy all the grammar police out there. 🙂

I’ve learned a lot about myself over the past year. I’ve learned that I have a heart for pregnancy, babies and loss. God has continually brought women into my life who are going through their own fires surrounding pregnancy. I’m so thankful to be able to comfort and encourage these women. I’m so privileged to be allowed into this most intimate time in their lives and so grateful to experience these tiny little people.

Because of these women, and God pushing (okay shoving) me along, I’m excited to announce a new ministry at Grace Crossing, the Expecting Mothers Ministry. I feel strongly that I NEVER would have started this ministry without my sweet Pippy. And I don’t think I would really feel “qualified” to lead it without her. This ministry puts a support system around our expecting mommies from the very beginning. My hope is to be able to rejoice with them throughout their entire pregnancies and that God will protect every one from difficulties and loss. Unfortunately, we know loss is a real possibility and that truly is why I started this ministry. Mothers who experience loss need support. We can’t go on as if it wasn’t “that big of a deal.” I’m especially referring to miscarriages, which far too often are mourned by others briefly and then everyone moves on while the parents are left to continue mourning alone. At this time, we have three healthy moms each expecting healthy babies. We did have a fourth, but praise God her little baby boy arrived safe and sound just two days ago! Welcome Baby Emmett!

As for myself, my dear friends Grief and Joy are still with me; although, Grief spends more time in the background these days, only make brief appearances. I realized when sweet Emmett was born that as joyful and excited and thankful as I was for my friends and their new son, a sadness quickly came over me and was strangely intertwined with that joy. I think that will probably be with me forever. As I welcome new babies (and hopefully more of my own one day), my heart will be touched by my sweet Pippy who was gone before I was ready.

I think of her all the time, especially as I watch Liam growing and learning new things. I never wonder what she would be like or what it would be like to watch her as I have watched Liam. I am comforted knowing that she lived every bit of life that was intended for her. Her purpose was great and fulfilled in a short amount of time. I do find myself imagining her spirit with us. To clarify, I believe she is with Jesus and in no way “stuck” in this world. But I often imagine her with us, encouraging Liam along as he starts learning to crawl, sitting on the floor with him and his toys, smiling as I sing to him and rock him to sleep. It just gives me peace and makes my heart happy to think of these things.

This year for Pippy’s birthaversary we did family pictures in honor of her. This meant so much to me and I’m so thankful to have such a talented friend to do the pictures for us. So I will leave you with those, since I feel a little discombobulated and feel like I’m beginning to ramble. Enjoy! And Happy Pippy Day everyone!

Liam with Pippy's BunnyOur Rainbow Babyleagan10leagan6leagan5leagan3leagan15

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